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Remembering My Dear Friend Lecile Harris – enjoy some of our favorite radio moments:











Lecile With Scott & Traci on US 96 in 2014  – “Uncle Vick’s Haircut”

Lecile Harris – “Wife’s Valentine”


Lecile Harris – “The Outdoor Channel”


Lecile Harris – “Section RBB”


Lecile Harris – “How I Became A Clown”


The Good Stuff: Max Bishop’s Haircut


Willa Grace’s First Valentine’s Day


Knuckleheads In The News:

Tony Shack (Rankin S.O.) “Naked Walker”

Michael Chandler (Rankin S.O.) “Easy One”

Tyson Burleson (Rankin S.O.) “20 Feet Away”

Bryan Bailey (Rankin S.O.) “Job Application”

Mike Wroten (Hinds County S.O.) “Not My Pants”

Mike Wroten (Hinds County S.O.) “Rush Hour”

Jimmy Nichols (MBN) “The Hitchhiker”

Craig Williams (Rankin County S.O.) “The Cleaning Guy”


Craig Williams (Rankin County S.O.) “The Naked Guy”


Craig Williams (Rankin County S.O.) “Crazy Kids”


Scott Young (Ridgeland PD) “Dope Christmas”


Jeffrey Middleton (Rankin County S.O.) “Neighbor Witness”

Mike Raffield (Ridgeland PD) “Unlock My Car”